Contact Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our FAQ section below and feel free to contact us if you need clarification or if your question isn’t addressed below, we’re here to help.

How do we contact you about the Boat Club or Rentals?

Please feel free to contact us anytime by phone (651) 439-9000 or e-mail at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away.

Stillwater Boat Club & Rentals, a division of Marine Services Inc.
422 East Mulberry Street
Stillwater, MN 55082

E: [email protected]
P: (651) 439-9000
F: (651) 439-2383

Do I have to have any special license to rent a boat?

You need to have a valid picture driver license and be 21 years of age or older to rent a boat at Stillwater Boat Rentals. Rentals must also be secured on any of the 4 major credit cards.  Both the valid picture driver’s license and credit card must be present for your rental.  If these two items are not present, we cannot send the rental out or make any amends to the credit card charge.  This is done for identity theft protection.

What are Minnesota's Boating Rules?

Please visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for information regarding the state boating laws.

What hours can I rent a boat and where can I park?

Rental Hours:

Boats for rent can be reserved for four hour (half day) or eight hour (full day) blocks.  On high demand days, we stagger the 4-hour options into two time windows. You may chose a start time between 9AM -10:30 or 3:30PM – 4:30PM. On eight-hour rentals you may choose any eight-hour shift. Our latest return time is 8:30PM.  


There are a variety of parking options close to the Stillwater Boat Rentals dock.  Please refer to the attached City of Stillwater parking map for places to park:

Also, if you want to unload your coolers and other things prior to parking you are welcome to pull up to our dock ramp at 422 East Mulberry Street to load your boat then park after.

Do I need to bring my own life jacket?

Stillwater Boat Rentals supplies each renter with a Personal Floatation Device  (PFD or life jacket).  We have PFDs from adults size to infant size. Federal law requires all children under the age of 13 to wear PFDs at all times while boating.  Renters may bring their own Coast Guard approved PFDs if they so desire.

What if I decide to cancel my reservation, do I receive a refund?

If you cancel 30 days prior to reservation you will receive a full refund or reschedule.  If you cancel your reservation 8-29 days prior you will receive a gift card for the full amount of your original reservation that you can use toward a future boat rental.  If you cancel 0-7 days prior, there is no reschedule of rental or refund.

What happens if there is bad weather?

At the discretion of Stillwater Boat Rental management, if inclement weather prevails on the day of your rental, you’ll receive a raincheck via an electronic gift card that can be used to rebook and use your boat rental.  (Rainchecks will only be issued on the day of your rental and not based off weather forecasts.)

What are the sights to see along the St. Croix River?

The St Croix Valley area is bustling with activities all year long.  To learn more about local events, historical sights, shopping, restaurants and visitor information visit the website.

Stillwater Boat Rentals is in downtown at the Stillwater Marina, just two blocks north of the historic lift bridge.  Cruise north of Stillwater, MN five miles and enjoy picturesque limestone bluffs and quiet river banks or head south to the river towns of Hudson, WI, Afton, MN or all the way to Prescott, WI while finding many sandy beaches along the way to stop and enjoy.   Plus, our boats for rent are conveniently docked a few blocks away from historic downtown Stillwater so you can easily walk to many great shops on Main Street or dine at one of Stillwater’s fine restaurants.  Make it your getaway!  


Enjoy searching and finding out about interesting sites along the St. Croix with our I Spy game.

I SPY – Family Game on the St Croix

How far can I travel with my rental boat?

Stillwater Boat Rentals are limited to the St. Croix River, entrance into the Mississippi River at Prescott or any of the tributaries on the St. Croix River is prohibited.  You can boat approximately five miles north of the Stillwater Gas Dock to the high bridge, at which point the DNR stops all boats to control the spread of Zebra muscles.  You can boat south along the St. Croix River all the way to Prescott.  This is an approximately 50 mile round trip.

Stillwater Boat Rentals reserves the right to prohibit travel to certain areas of the river during either very high or very low river level periods.

Are there barbeque grills on the boats for rent?

We do not rent barbeque grills; however, you may bring your own.  We allow gas only grills for safety reasons (no charcoal grills).  Grilling should not be done while underway and should be done off the boat on a shore or island.

Do you supply the drivers/captains to drive the boats for rent?

Stillwater Boat Rentals do not supply drivers/captains for the boats for rent; all of the boats are renter driven boats.  If you are not comfortable driving a boat you may bring along a qualified driver/captain along with your party to do the driving for you. If you need help finding someone we may have some names and numbers for you. You would pay them directly.

What happens if the boat for rent breaks down or we have trouble?

Should the boat happen to develop mechanical difficulties or other problems regarding the operation of the boat for rent, call the Stillwater Gas Dock number at 651-987-5508 for assistance.

Can we swim in the St. Croix River?

Yes you can swim in the St. Croix River.  It is advisable to wear your PFD when you are swimming as the current can be rather swift in the center or middle sections of the river.  There are many shores and islands north and south of the Stillwater Marina, with excellent sandy beaches for your swimming enjoyment.

What if I am in a wheelchair?

Wheelchair owners must be able to ambulate onto our boats for rent.   If you prefer, we can store your wheelchair in our ship store during your boat reservation.

Can I bring my pet on board a boat for rent?

Yes.  Pets are allowed on request. A fee of $15 per pet is applicable.

Do you have food, drinks or supplies at the ship store on the gas dock?

Our ship store has a great selection of snacks, refreshments, ice cream treats and souvenir clothing for sale at the dock, as well as assorted sundries.  Please feel free to call the Rental telephone for more details at 651-439-9000.

Do you rent canoes, kayaks, runabouts, powerboats, or cruisers?

All of our boats for rent are motorized aluminum pontoons.  If you wish to make use of powerboats, please see the information on our Boat Club.

What do the buoys mean in the water?

The buoys on in the river have a very important and specific meaning. A copy of the most current Minnesota boating guide, supplied by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is available at the gas dock, free of charge. These booklets contain a summary of the laws and rules regarding travel on the waterways of Minnesota.

Do you allow overnight pontoon rentals?

No we do not do overnight rentals.

Do the boats for rent have a stereo/radio?

Yes, our pontoon rentals have a radio with USB , AUX and or Bluetooth to play from your device.

Do the boats for rent have bathrooms on them?

No, The St. Croix river does have some stops you can make for bathroom breaks. Please ask about this.

Do you sell gift certificates for the boat rentals?

Yes we do, contact the rental number at (651) 439-9000 or purchase them online here.

I lost my driver license and have only the paper renewal, can I still rent a boat?

You must possess a valid picture driver license, if you do not have one for whatever reason, you can ask someone to come along on your rental day who has a permanent driver license with a picture on it.  That person has to have the credit card to pay for the boat for rent.  We compare names to faces and everything must match for your ID security.