History & Wildlife

The river has three distinct types of scenic landscape, depending on where you are. The water at Afton feels wider, and the trees are greener. Hudson to Stillwater bustles with active water lovers. And then heading north, the area feels calmer. Almost like being in the north woods.


The St. Croix is home to three very distinct bridges in a short footprint. The high bridge, at the most northern point that you can access. The iconic lift bridge. And the modern bridge that connects Minnesota and Wisconsin. In addition to checking out the bridges, views of historic architecture are a fun highlight. Be sure to count the steeples – St. Michael’s, St. Mary’s and the Court house, all of which can be viewed from the water.

The River Experience

The scenic St. Croix River is filled with adventure and relaxation. Learn more about what to expect and what to look for prior to your arrival.

History of the St. Croix

Stillwater is the birthplace of Minnesota – the river played a critical role bringing the logging industry to the community. Managed by the National Park Service, this body of water is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.


Leaping fish, eagles, and dozen of species waterfowl are just some of the beautiful animals that make the St. Croix River their home. There are even rare occasions when a black bear and her cubs were spotted hiking through the bushes just north of the boom site. Keep your eyes wide and pack your binoculars to take it all in.